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Power-up transactions lists with clean names, logos and location data.

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Merchants API is deprecated as of January 01, 2023, and will be turned off on December 31, 2023.


The Woosmap Merchant API is a REST API aiming at cleaning “dirty” merchant names on transactions provided by a payment provider. It can be used to enrich end users’ transactions list by replacing hardly understandable labels with a commonly known merchant name along with its logo. Additionally, we can provide a Google Maps Place ID.

How does it work?

We’ve collected the history of “dirty” transaction labels from different sources and processed them to build a database of standardized and clean merchant names and logos. Woosmap Merchant API allows you to get cleaner and structured information for your “dirty” transactions and thus provide a best-in-class experience to your end users.

Woosmap Merchant API relies on a Machine Learning algorithm that automatically identifies the merchant’s clean name or its brand for most common transactions.

New “dirty” transaction is processed by Woosmap to feed our global database of clean merchant names and logos.

As part of the Woosmap Platform, the Woosmap Merchant API is a secure, fully-hosted service with first-class SLA.

The dirty transaction is cleaned by our dedicated Clean Merchant engine resulting in an easy-to-recognize name for the end user. We also provide a logo when it exists. See more on how to query the API here.

Example: APPLE.COM/FR EU PAY 334332BR WEB FR* becomes simply Apple.

All logos are adjusted and manually designed by professional designers while making sure the brand guidelines are respected. Files are delivered in PNG (512×512 pixels) and hosted on Woosmap servers.

Get a Place ID on a merchant

Woosmap Merchant API can return a Google Maps Place ID upon receiving a few mandatory fields. Those are detailed here. A Place ID can be used to trigger Places Details to retrieve information such as an address, photos, ratings on the location where a transaction occurred.

Brand guidelines update

Interested to see you brands’ guidelines, or modify your logo in Woosmap Merchant API? Get in touch here.

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