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Clean your dirty merchant names
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The Woosmap Merchant API is a Rest API aiming at cleaning “dirty” merchant names on transactions provided by a payment provider. It can be used to enrich end users’ transactions list by replacing hardly understandable labels by a commonly known merchant names along with their logo.

How does it work?

Implement a REST API requesting our mutualised and anonymised database compiling history of dirty transaction labels (from multiple sources) and processed, matched and standardised for every clean merchant name. The API accepts a POST requests to send in a formatted “dirty” transaction and retrieve an easily usable response to provide a best-in-class experience to end users.

Every new “dirty” transaction is processed by Woosmap to feed a global database of clean merchant names and logos.

As part of the Woosmap Platform, the Merchant Logo API is a secure, fully-hosted service with first class SLA.

Get clean merchant names

The dirty transaction is cleaned by the dedicated Clean Merchant engine resulting in an easy to recognise name for the end user.

Example: APPLE.COM/FR * EU PAY 334332BR WEB FR becomes simply Apple.

All logos are adjusted and manually designed by professional designers, while making sure the brand guidelines are respected. Files are delivered in PNG and are hosted on Woosmap servers.

Interested to see you brands’ guidelines, or modify your logo in Woosmap Merchant API? Get in touch here

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