Frequently Asked Questions

What is Woosmap?

Woosmap is a set of bricks to build an entire local search engine. Composed of multiple APIs, you are able to host your points of sale and offer a nice interactive widget for your end users to help them choose the best store, based on multiple criteria.

I have a lot of Locations, can I import them all?

Yes, you can import all of your locations with our importer API in either Excel or CSV file formats. Alternatively, if you’re unsure about importing your locations, you can send us your file and we’ll import it for you.

Does the locator work on Mobile?

Yes. The locator is fully responsive and works on mobile and tablet devices, as well as a regular desktop browser. Furthermore, the locator takes advantage of available mobile features - like like providing accurate geolocation.

Which browsers does Woosmap support?

We support all the latest and greatest browsers: IE 11 and Edge, Firefox 47+, Chrome 49+ and Safari 9.1+.

Is Woosmap hosted, or do I have to host it?

Woosmap is fully hosted, meaning you do not have to set up your own servers. As soon as you sign up, you can start using the locator immediately, totally hassle-free.

Does Woosmap work with my CMS?

Woosmap should work with any system. You can simply embed our Javascript Store Locator Widget interface into your page or build your own using our APIs. The setup is typically easy.