Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Woosmap?

Woosmap is a set of bricks to build an entire local search engine. Composed of multiple APIs, Woosmap offers wide range of services to better take advantage of Location Intelligence. You can for instance host your stores list and offer a nice interactive widget for your end users to help them choose the best store, based on multiple criteria.

Does your Store Locator work on Mobile?

Yes. The locator is fully responsive and works on mobile and tablet devices, as well as a regular desktop browser. Furthermore, the locator takes advantage of available mobile features - like providing accurate geolocation.

Which browsers does Woosmap support?

We support all the latest and greatest browsers: IE 11 and Edge, Firefox 47+, Chrome 49+ and Safari 9.1+.

Is Woosmap hosted, or do I have to host it?

Woosmap is fully hosted, meaning you do not have to set up your own servers. As soon as you sign up, you can start using the locator immediately, totally hassle-free.

Why am I seeing Cloudflare cookies on my website upon implementing Woosmap APIs?

Cloudflare is a website security company which provides a CDN (Content delivery network) and DNS (Domain name server) along with other security products, including DDoS mitigation. Woosmap APIs rely on Cloudflare to serve high quality, relevant and blazing fast services accross the world.

As part of the Cloudflare solutions, mandatory cookies are set to ensure security and stability. These are mandatory cookies that cannot be deactivated. You can learn more here.

I have a lot of Locations, can I import them all?

Yes, you can import all of your locations with our importer API in either Excel or CSV file formats. Alternatively, if you’re unsure about importing your locations, you can send us your file and we’ll import it for you.

Can I automatically retrieve my visitor’s location to show them which is the closest store?

Automatically detecting a visitor’s position allows you to personalize your customer journeys. For this purpose, we have developed the Woosmap Geolocation API. Please visit the product page to learn more.

Does Woosmap work with my CMS?

Woosmap should work with any system. You can simply embed our Store Locator Widget interface into your page or build your own using our APIs. The setup is typically easy.

Which API do I need?

Depending on your projects, you might need to use one or several of our APIs. Please visit to see how we can help you and your use cases.

Do I have to host my data on Woosmap?

Yes and no. It depends on the API and use case your are implementing. For instance, if you are using our Store Locator to help users visualize the closest store on a map, you must indeed load your stores list onto the Woosmap servers. On the contrary, if you only use Localities API to autocomplete postcodes or city names in a search box, no content is required from your side because the autocompletion is based on geographic data.

Can I customize my Store Locator?

Absolutely, there are a wide range of personalization that you can find in the documentation here. Depending on your need, you might want to choose our ready-to-use Store Locator Widget or our JavaScript Library.

What is Localities API ?

Localities is a RESTful API that enables developers to retrieve location related suggestions based on an input string typed in a search bar. Basically it allows end user to receive on-the-fly predictions on city names, postcodes or even suburbs as they type. This is particularly useful to lower typing errors, speeding up searches and reassure the end user.

Is Localities API available everywhere?

Yes, our Localities API covers the entire world. We provide predictions on city names, postcodes and more geographical entities in any country. Find an updated list of the available types of entities we provide autocomplete on right here. Worldwide postcode suggestions is subject to a specific pricing. See which countries are covered by our standard pricing here

Can Localities returns city names on a postcode input?

Absolutely. There is a field named `postal_town in the predictions on postcodes returned by Localities which indicates the most populated city or post office city associated to a postcode. Note that this very feature of Localities API is available worldwide but in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Do Woosmap APIs deal with personal data at all?

Only the Recommendation JavaScript API fall under the GDPR regulation. At Woosmap we thrive to create products that facilitate the end users’ navigation on the Internet by making the most of geolocation. When using our Recommendation API, clients agree to our Terms of Service which include building anonymous location profiles. Other APIs are not concerned by personal data.

What is Woosmap’s service level agreement (SLA)?

In 2019, we are proud to have reached an impressive 99,9% service level. Find out more about our SLA here.

Do you provide a Store Locator native mobile SDK for my iOS/Android app?

We currently do not offer a ready-to-use Store Locator, but are looking into it, please get in touch and express your need through our Contact Us form here.

Is contributing to the Recommendation API mandatory?

Yes. When using the Recommendation API, you benefit from hundreds of thousands of geolocation profiles. By contributing, you make sure the geolocation of your consumers gets more accurate, one query at a time.

Can I use Woosmap in China?

We do provide part of our services in China, please get in touch for details or specific quote.

To be compliant with GDPR, you must add a particular mention indicating that you are using a third-party cookie provided by Woosmap. You can find that particular mention here.

Sales & Pricing

I have a question about Woosmap, where can I get in touch?

Please do not hesitate to send us a message through the Contact Us form.

How much will I be charged for my use of Woosmap?

Woosmap automatically calculates your credit consumption through your API keys. More details about our pricing policy can be found here.

How does the billing work?

Each time you request the Woosmap APIs, a credit is deducted depending on the type of request (see credit explanation here). Woosmap is billed by purchasing an annual license with a bucket of credits that can be used across all of the Woosmap APIs (Recommendation, Geolocation, Search, Localities, Data, Distance). Contact us to find out more.

Woosmap Console

If you have questions about the onboarding process on the Woosmap Console, feel free to visit our Console Get Started. Don’t worry, it’s very easy and straight forward!

Are there different types of accounts in the console?

Yes, there are three types of accounts in the Woosmap console: owner, co-owner and regular user. The difference between them is that there is only one owner. He can change the properties of the organization and manage private API keys. Whenever needed, this ownership of the organization can be transferred to another account. A regular account can do everything an owner can except delete a private API key or manage members accounts.

Can I add a new user in my organization?

Yes you can. To do so, just access the “Members” tab in the left section of the console and then click on “Invitations” in the upper right corner. If you have divided your organization in Teams (often use to segment markets/verticals), you can add a colleague’s email directly into the Team of your choosing. Alternatively, when you are in a Teams’ settings, you can add existing members of your organization, or simply write an email address. Your colleague will be invited to join your organization directly into the right Team.

How many users can access my organization?

As many as you want to. The number of users is not limited, but given the strategic importance of your API keys, we highly suggest you restrict the access only to concerned users.

Can I add a user into my organization but only grant access to specific projects?

This is exactly the purpose of our Teams feature. Teams allow you to create specific groups of members with specific rights over one or more projects. Of course a member can be added to as many Teams as you wish, but you have a full flexibility to do things like grating access only to dedicated projects with “read only” access to an external agency you are working with. Learn more following this link.

What is an Organization?

An Organization allows a group of users to collaborate on the Woosmap console. It’s somehow your company’s folder on the Woosmap servers. It is private, and only your members can access it. It’s also where we handle your service consumption. You can invite your team members to manage your projects and API keys, or to follow API consumptions.

What is a project?

A project is a container for your locations (assets) and where you manage your API keys. It’s also a way for you to segment your consumptions per criteria (e.g. : 1 project per country, 1 project per use case).

What is a public API key?

A public API key, is an application programming interface unique key that allows the owner of a network-accessible service to give access to consumers of that service. It only has reading rights and should be used client-side. It is restricted to predefined domain restrictions to make sure only you are using your public key.

What is a private API key?

A private key allows you to manage your project related data. It has both reading and writing rights. It can not be used client-side. It is usually used for server-server interactions.

Why should I secure my API keys?

Properly maintaining the security level of your API keys ensures that they will be consumed by you and you only, on specific projects/organizations. To learn more about why you should secure your API keys, please visit this page.

How can I monitor my usage of Woosmap APIs?

Within each projects of your organization is a dedicated metrics section that allows you to monitor your usage of every Woosmap API.

Can I have multiple projects?

Yes, you can create as many projects as you want within your organization.

Can I have several organizations?

No, there should only be one organization per company. When using Woosmap in production environment, API keys must be organized under one single organization, with as many projects as you might need.


How do I start a trial?

To start a trial, you must first sign up to Woosmap by creating an account and your organization. Once in, you can complete the tutorial to learn how the console works.

Do I have access to all of Woosmap APIs when I start a trial?

Everything is activated by default

Do I have enough queries to properly try out Woosmap if I sign up for a trial?

Yes, you have plenty of credits to try and use Woosmap. If you overpass a reasonable use, as described in our pricing policy, you will be contacted by our Sales team. Please refer to our pricing plan for more details about your trial credits.


I have a problem with locations returned by the Localities API, who can help me?

Our support team will certainly be able to assist you with the deployment of Localities API. Please connect using the Contact Us form here.

I have setup my API request correctly, with my own public API key, yet I receive an error saying I do not have permission to perform this action, why?

Please verify your authorized domains and project are consistent with your API requests. If not, just add a new domain or make sure you integration handles referrers properly.

I want to stop using Woosmap, how can I can cancel my Enterprise subscription?

To cancel your enterprise subscription, please get in touch with your sales account manager.

How do I report a bug or request a new feature in Woosmap?

You can shoot us a message here.

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