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  1. What is Woosmap Localities API?

What is Woosmap Localities API?

Woosmap Localities API is a web service that returns a great amount of geographical places in response to an HTTP request. Among others are city names, postcodes, suburbs or even airports! You can find the full list of supported types here.

The request specifies a textual search string and optional geographic bounds. It can be used to provide autocomplete functionality for text-based geographic searches.

The Localities API can match on full words as well as substrings. You can therefore send queries as the user types, to provide on-the-fly city names, postcodes, airports, suburb name suggestions…

The returned suggestions are designed to be presented to the user to aid them in selecting their desired location. All suggestions contain additional data to use directly the results without needing another request. It is possible to make direct API calls through the Localities REST API, or use either our JavaScript Library or Widget to add a powerful autocomplete feature to your projects.

The Localities API provides worldwide suggestions, unless specified otherwise in the available types.

A Woosmap Localities autocomplete request is an HTTP URL of the following form:
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