Visits and Zone of interest

Track user’s stops and identify his zone of interest.

  1. Visits
  2. Zone of Interest


Besides Geofences, the SDK allows you to detect when and where a user has spent some time, in other words when he visited places. Visits can be considered as places that you don’t explicitly monitor but are automatically detected by the SDK. Also, you can assess the time being spent on each visit which can give additional information on the user.

Collected visits

Why use Woosmap for Visits

On iOS, visits are natively provided by the system. On Android, this feature does not exist, so the SDK compensates for that lack by embedding a visit algorithm. These visits help to define geographical and temporal patterns of the users labeled in the SDK as Zones of Interest.

Zone of Interest

Zones of Interest are specific places discovered by the SDK defining where a user recurrently spends time.

Indentified ZOI

When you activate the Zones of Interest feature, Woosmap SDK stores and clusters on the device historical location data for each user. Depending on the time distribution of clusters and numbers of collected locations, the SDK identifies a user’s approximate home and office locations after a few days.

ZOI Use Cases

Here are some consumer use cases.

  1. In a food delivery app, you could suggest users to order diner as they commute back home.
  2. In a restaurant app, you may notify users to place a click & collect order when they leave the office for their lunch break.
  3. In a ride-sharing app, you might notify users to book a ride when they leave the office.
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