Get User's Device Location

How to get location of a user's device from its ip address
  1. Overview
  2. Client-side requests
  3. Server-side requests
  4. Response
  5. Example


Woosmap Geolocation API can provide the location of your users thanks to IP address of their devices. You can query the API using a public or a private key according to your use case and calls origins.

Client-side requests

For client-side requests, use your public key (parameter key) related to your project.

    url: '',
    type: 'GET',
    data: {
    success: function(geoloc) {

Server-side requests

For server-side requests, get the position of a specific ip address using a private_keyin your requests.

curl '{private_key}&ip_address={ip_to_geolocalize}'


The Response is a formated JSON containing the keys: country_code, country_name, continent, city, region_state

According to IP data relevance, JSON can contain the keys latitude, longitude

    "country_code": "FR",
    "country_name": "France",
    "continent": "Europe",
    "city": "My City",
    "region_state": "my-region",
    "latitude": 44.9759,
    "longitude": -93.2166


Here is a sample of a Geolocation API call using Javascript. The fetched location is used to generate a Google static map.

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