Localities API Coverage

On this page you can find details on our coverage of each feature we offer within Localities API.

  1. Available data types per feature
  2. Specific rules regarding addresses
  3. Specific rules regarding postal codes

Available data types per feature

The table below summarizes the data types you can access through the different features of the Localities API.
This is a very generic information, you can find some specific rules that apply on some parts of the data in the following sections.

  Autocomplete Details Geocode Reverse Geocode
postal code  

Specific rules regarding addresses

Country coverage

Localities autocomplete endpoint covers addresses all over the world.

You must specify countries in your requests to get the most relevant suggestions from Autocomplete endpoint. Specifying one or several components:country= is the only way to benefit from specific data sourcing Woosmap put in place in some countries (e.g. France with the French National Address DB or United Kingdom with the Royal Mail Address DB).

Localities geocode endpoint actually covers addresses of the following country list:

Accessing UK addresses specifically through Localities, to benefit from multi-residence and not-yet-built addresses, requires a specific product activation.
Please contact our Support Team to get it activated for your Organization.

Location accuracy of UK addresses

Default location accuracy is ROOFTOP. Local specificities may exist:

Specific rules regarding postal codes

The standard behavior of Localities API allows you to get postal codes in western Europe, USA and Canada. With the data=advanced parameter, you can increase the coverage of the API and search postal codes pretty much anywhere on the planet.

A dedicated option subject to specific billing on your license is needed to use this parameter. Please contact our Support Team to get it activated for your Organization.

Countries included for Standard Postal Code search (data=standard)

Countries included for Advanced Postal Code search (data=advanced)

When data=advanced parameter is set, Localities API covers postal codes in all the countries above as well as the following list.

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