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Connect Woosmap Geofencing with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Woosmap Geofencing SDK can send events to Salesforce Marketing Cloud from different context types: Geofences, POI, Visits and ZOI.

Whenever location events trigger, you can send custom events with associated properties to your App via a listener method. Your App can then pass them to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud Integration

To push event data to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud API, and trigger an Entry Event , subscribe to SDK callbacks and implement API calls in it, or simply initialize the Marketing Cloud connector to let the Geofencing SDK run API call to push event data.

Initialize the Marketing Cloud connector

The SDK needs some input like credentials and object key to perform the API call to Salesforce Marketing Cloud API.

Input to initialize the SFMC connector

Parameters Description Required
authenticationBaseURI Authentication Base URI Required
restBaseURI REST Base URI Required
client_id client_id (journey_read and list_and_subscribers_read rights are required) Required
client_secret client_secret (journey_read and list_and_subscribers_read rights are required) Required
contactKey The ID that uniquely identifies a subscriber/contact Required
regionEnteredEventDefinitionKey EventDefinitionKey for the Woosmap event woos_geofence_entered_event  
regionExitedEventDefinitionKey EventDefinitionKey for the Woosmap event woos_geofence_exited_event  
poiEventDefinitionKey EventDefinitionKey for the Woosmap event woos_POI_event  
zoiClassifiedEnteredEventDefinitionKey EventDefinitionKey for the Woosmap event woos_zoi_classified_entered_event  
zoiClassifiedExitedEventDefinitionKey EventDefinitionKey for the Woosmap event woos_zoi_classified_exited_event  
visitEventDefinitionKey EventDefinitionKey for the Woosmap event woos_Visit_event  

Android - Initialize the connector implementation

HashMap<String, String> SFMCInfo = new HashMap<String, String>();

SFMCInfo.put("client_id", "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx");
SFMCInfo.put("client_secret", "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx");

WoosmapSettings.SFMCCredentials = SFMCInfo;

iOS - Initialize the connector implementation

WoosmapGeofencing.shared.setSFMCCredentials(credentials : [ 
      "authenticationBaseURI": "",
      "restBaseURI": "",
      "client_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "client_secret": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",

Send Marketing Cloud

Geofences Events

Event data specification

Field name Type Only if the region is a POI
date Datetime  
id String  
latitude Double  
longitude Double  
radius Double  
name String X
idStore String X
city String X
zipCode String X
distance String X
country_code String X
address String X
tags String X
types String X
user_properties.[field_name] String X

POI Events

Event data specification

Field name Type
date Datetime
name String
idStore String
city String
zipCode String
distance String
country_code String
address String
tags String
types String
user_properties.[field_name] String
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