Tracking Profiles

Start/Stop a tracking profile using Android SDK

  1. Start/Stop a tracking profile
  2. Tracking profile properties

Tracking profiles aim to simplify the Woosmap Geofencing SDK integration.

The concept of Tracking profile and the difference between each profile is explained in the Tracking profiles documentation

Start/Stop a tracking profile

Once you have initialized the SDK and the user has authorized background permissions, you can start tracking the user’s location.

To start tracking, call:

woosmap.startTracking( Woosmap.ConfigurationProfile.liveTracking );

To stop tracking, call:


Tracking profile properties

Property liveTracking passiveTracking visitsTracking
trackingEnable true true true
foregroundLocationServiceEnable true false false
modeHighFrequencyLocation true false false
visitEnable false false true
classificationEnable false false true
minDurationVisitDisplay null null 300
radiusDetectionClassifiedZOI null null 50
distanceDetectionThresholdVisits null null 25
currentLocationTimeFilter 0 0 0
currentLocationDistanceFilter 0 0 0
accuracyFilter 100 100 100
searchAPIEnable false false false
searchAPICreationRegionEnable false false false
searchAPITimeFilter 0 0 0
searchAPIDistanceFilter 0 0 0
distanceAPIEnable false false false
modeDistance null null null
outOfTimeDelay 300 300 300
DOUBLEOfDayDataDuration 30 30 30

Overload a tracking properties

Each Tracking profile is defined in a Json file. If you need to adapt it to your specific use case, you can simply modify the Json file.

Some property has overload method like SearchAPIRequestEnable property:

WoosmapSettings.searchAPIEnable = true
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