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Basic steps to centralize your assets location data

  1. Before You Start
  2. Sign Up
  3. Security
  4. Prepare assets data
  5. Upload assets data using Woosmap Data API
  6. Get the assets from the API

Before You Start

In order to implement Local Search in your website you have to organize and centralize your assets location data.

With Woosmap Data API manage, create or edit locations. The API is designed for developers, engineers, or anyone else who’s comfortable creating custom-coded solutions or integrating with RESTful APIs. If you think you may need some help integrating with the Woosmap Data API, connect with one of our experts to help develop a custom tool for you.

Sign Up

To get started using the Woosmap Data API, please sign up on the Woosmap Console. You will be guided to create your account, go through the 3 steps of Get Started and you will be ready to create your first Woosmap project.


To avoid quota theft you will be required to select the domains names allowed to consume the Woosmap APIs. Do not forget to register all the domains where Woosmap APIs are used.

Prepare assets data

The Woosmap Data API only supports JSON. So you have to create a JSON file with your assets’ addresses and other information. You’ll need to convert, or geocode, the addresses in your file to latitude/longitude (lat / long) coordinates. Those coordinates will be used for most of Woosmap features like local searches, stores nearby a user location or for displaying markers on a map with Woosmap Javascript API.

Each asset should also have a unique identifier which you should use to update assets individually.

See : API Quick Start

Upload assets data using Woosmap Data API

Next, you’ll need to upload your assets data file through Woosmap Data API. The API can be accessed through It takes a mandatory parameter : your private key. Therefore the url you’ll call should look like this:

The API currently supports the following methods

Get the assets from the API

Your assets can be visualized with the Store Locator Widget associated with your project in the Woosmap Console (Widgets tab). The Woosmap Search API allows you to request further your data.

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