Woosmap MultiSearch Library

Combine best of breed address autocomplete services

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Woosmap MultiSearch is a library designed to return location suggestions through calling several autocomplete services. This library makes location searches more efficient and cost-effective by allowing you to easily combine Woosmap Localities API, Woosmap Search API (stores) and Google Places APIs.

No Interface Provided
This library does not provide any user interface but focuses on querying autocomplete services. However, it is pretty easy to display results on your own.

How autocomplete services are combined?

Autocomplete services are requested in your desired ordered. Most often, only the first service will be queried. In some cases, for instance when searching for street addresses, Woosmap Localities can be insufficient.

By comparing the user input to the returned results and computing a string matching score between these two values, the library can automatically switch to the next autocomplete service and thereby provide suggestions that better suits the needs.

Library Quickstart

To get started quickly, follow the setup instructions depending on your development platform:

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