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Get started with the Geofencing and Woosmap Geofencing SDKs for iOS and Android.

  1. Woosmap Geofencing SDK

Part of the Woosmap Platform, the Woosmap Geofencing SDK adds to your app geofencing, user’s background location and geographic behavior analysis capabilities.

Woosmap Geofencing SDK

Location intelligence is one of the next revolutions to improve and “smoothen” user experience on mobile. Mobile operating systems use and provide multiple location services that might be tricky to handle or tune to achieve advanced location based services on mobile. And users are more and more aware of the capabilities of their mobile devices. During the last two years, we analysed, exploited and followed the evolution of those location services, changes that occurred either on tech side or regulation side.

We are convinced that location is an effective way for App makers to propose tailor made and locally contextualised interactions with mobile users. But knowing the location of a user is not enough. Knowing from what a user is close to or what he is visiting is the important part. So we decided to share our findings and tricks for location collection on mobile to help you focus on this real value of location.

This repository is designed to share samples of codes and a SDK to take the best of location in your mobile apps. We had 3 main focus when developing and sharing this code: take full advantage of location capabilities of mobile devices, doing so in a battery friendly way and be fair with user privacy.

Woosmap Geofencing SDK and sample app should help you build Rich Push Notifications (highlighted with a Location context), analyse your mobile users surroundings (search for proximity to your assets, competitors, etc) and much more to go a step further on Location Intelligence.


Use case where location matters:

As a banking company, you need to enrich the expense list with local information (logo, shop info, etc)? Use this repo to learn how to leverage locally enriched notification to retrieve local information where your users spend their money.

As a retailer company, you need to be informed when a user is close to one of your stores (or competitors’)? Find in this repo how to collect in background location of your users and build your own geofencing analysis.

As a retailer, insurance, banking or travel company, you need to add local context to your user profiles in your CRM? Build your own process of background location collection in your mobile app and analyze geographic behaviors of your mobile users.

As a retailer, insurance, banking or travel company, you want to be informed when a user is visiting specific POIs you decided to monitor (your own stores, your competitors, specific locations)? Use our SDK/code samples to not just collect location but directly obtain “visit triggers” and build advanced scenarios (e.g. a Bank being able to propose specific loans or services when users visits Real Estate agencies, Car Dealers, etc - an Insurance company proposing travel insurance when users visit airports, car insurance when users visit car dealers, etc)


Woosmap Geofencing Android SDK

More information about the Woosmap Geofencing Android SDK.

Woosmap Geofencing iOS SDK

More information about the Woosmap Geofencing iOS SDK.

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