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Woosmap offers a range of services for indoor mapping and navigation.

The Indoor Map API enables you to display plans of your private space.

The Indoor Search API is a dedicated search engine for your own indoor data, allowing you to search for points of interest (POI) in your venue by their characteristics or through autocompletion.

With the Indoor Distance API, you can calculate the shortest route between two indoor locations, complete with a polyline and roadbook instructions for turn-by-turn navigation with POI. Additionally, you can apply routing profiles to your venue network for specific user groups such as premium customers, staff, or security, and utilize them through the Indoor Distance API.


API Reference

Woosmap Indoor Search: This API enables finding the most relevant point of interest based on a text matching and multiple filters such as building, floor level, or category. (Autocomplete endpoint & Get details endpoint)

Woosmap Indoor Distance: This API allows finding the shortest route between two coordinates based on the network of paths in the venue. (Distance endpoint & Distance matrix endpoint)

Front librairies

In order to leverage the benefits of Indoor product, Woosmap offers a range of front-end libraries, including the Map-Js Javascript library with its IndoorRenderer, as well as a React-Native library and a Flutter package. These tools provide developers with the necessary components to integrate indoor maps into their applications, enhancing the user experience and enabling new use cases. With these libraries, Woosmap empowers developers to build cutting-edge applications that take advantage of the latest indoor mapping technologies.

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