What is the Woosmap for what3words API

Add what3words capabilities to your address search.

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The Woosmap for what3words API allows you to benefit from the combined power of what3words and the Woosmap Localities service.

what3words is a company which aims to simplify how we talk about location. Their solution aims to help companies when street addresses level accuracy is not enough. Instead, they aim to localise building entrances, and also places street addresses don’t exist for, e.g. parks and many rural areas. This makes it easier to find places and people quickly when describing exactly where they are is challenging.

So naturally we thought their technology would be interesting to you, this is why we created the Woosmap for what3words API in partnership with what3words.

This API is a drop in replacement of their API but hosted on our great Woosmap Platform, with the addition of an endpoint leveraging the power of our Localities API to convert a what3words address into a street address, bringing address level accuracy to what3words.

Use Cases

Easily get postal addresses for 3 word addresses, convert coordinates to 3 word addresses. In addition, it features a powerful AutoSuggest function, which can validate and autocorrect user input and limit it to certain geographic areas.

Getting Started

We have some examples to help you make your first requests here


We have created a detailed guide on how to take a what3words address (with autocomplete) and get a list of possible street addresses.
Available here.

API Reference

The complete OpenAPI Reference doc for the API.

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