Get Started with Woosmap Indoor JS API

Get started with the Woosmap Indoor JS API. View simple examples, learn the concepts, and create custom indoor maps for your site.

  1. Indoor JavaScript API included in the Map-Js

Indoor JavaScript API included in the Map-Js

You can use the Woosmap Map-Js library to embed interactive indoor maps directly into your webpages.

Here is a basic Woosmap Indoor sample with indoor tiles over Woosmap Map tiles:

        <div id="map"></div>

let map;
function initMap() {
  const myMap = new"map"), {
    center: { lat: 48.88143952302778, lng: 2.356075199999964 },
    zoom: 17.175689366844964
  }); = myMap;

  const indoorRenderer = new;


<script defer

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