Indoor Direction Service

How to calculate and display the shortest route between 2 locations

  1. Indoor direction service

Woosmap Indoor Js API provides you tools to create an optimized navigation experience:

Indoor direction service

Use the IndoorService class to calculate the shortest route between 2 locations and display the route on the map thanks to the setDirection() method of the IndoorRenderer.

Fetching Indoor Direction API

The indoorService.directions() method expects a JSON object that fits with IndoorDirectionRequest interface. The venue identifier, the origin, and the destination are required.

Choose one of the two following ways to define the origin and destination:

Coordinates (latitude, longitude and floor level)

POI identifier (id or ref)

Displaying the calculated route

The IndoorRenderer provides a method for displaying the calculated route on the map.

Here is a code sample, followed by a live demo in a Parisian railway station:

        const indoorService = new;

        venueId: indoorRenderer.getVenue().venue_id,
        origin: new,
        originLevel: 0,
        destinationId: "ref:bakery001"
      (result) => {


Advanced usage of the Indoor direction service

Some optional properties allow you to:

Find all these optional properties in the reference page: IndoorDirectionRequest interface

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