Autocomplete and Geocode on worldwide locations

Add powerful autocomplete and geocode services to your projects

  1. Overview

Woosmap Localities API is a REST API that allows you to autocomplete, geocode and get details on worldwide geographical places. Among others are cities, postal codes, suburbs, addresses or even airports!


The following Localities endpoints are available:

Autocomplete endpoint is for autocompletion purposes only. Response content of this endpoint is designed to present suggestions to users while they are typing and request details to the dedicated endpoint. Under no conditions, Autocomplete responses can be used to automatically fill a form, splitted to feed an address database or displayed as a final result. For any other purposes than getting suggestions, the Details endpoint must be used. In case of non compliance, every Autocomplete request will be charged as a Details request.

These three endpoints must be accessed via an HTTPS request, and returns a JSON response. All requests to a Localities service must use the https:// protocol, and include an API key. If you are unsure which API key to use for your API requests, please visit this page.

If you’re building a web application, take a look at the Localities JavaScript API or the Localities Javascript Widget

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