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How to Search and Filter your data

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You can query the API using your public or private key depending on where you make the call. Assets will be return to you as GeoJSON. If your request returns a high number of assets, the result will be paginated. If so, you can request assets by page using page and stores_by_page parameters (Default is 100, max is 300).

Client-Side Requests

Different keys are used for web and mobile development. The public key is used for web development as it can be restricted to specific domains and is read-only. For mobile development, the private key is used as it can be restricted to specific bundle IDs or package IDs.

Web Development

For web-based client-side requests, the class from the Woosmap Map JavaScript API is our recommended starting point.

If your goal is to display store locations on Google Maps or Baidu map, the Woosmap Store Locator JS API is the ideal reference.

Mobile Development

For those developing in a native mobile environment, the iOS and Android SDKs offer convenient tools for interacting with the Woosmap Search API.

When implementing WebViews or JS frameworks, you can use the class.

Server-side requests

For server-side requests, you can search or filter assets using our API and your private_key.

        curl '{private_key}'

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