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In some cases, in order to identify the source of an issue, we require Geofence SDK logs from your app. These logs are used for reporting events from our SDK which are useful when debugging and troubleshooting how our code is behaving in your app.

Logs must be enabled within your App Code as part of SDK implementation. For this reason, we recommend using a non-production app to troubleshoot

Activate Logs

Find the Implementation details for enabling logging required by support below.

In SDK log level defaults to DEBUG but you can easily change it by setting setLogLevel property of SDK.

Following code will show all the DEBUG and above logs in the logcat.



By default SDK logs all the warnings and errors in persistent files which reside within the application’s data directory. By default, the SDK will remove files that are older than 7 days.

If you wish to store persistent log level, you can set setRetainedLogLevel property of the logger.



To change persistent log retention period you can set setLogRetentionDays property of the logger.



To retrieve the logs, invoke readLogs method of the logger.

        woosmap.getLogger().readLogs(getApplicationContext(), new Logger.ReadLogsListener() {
                public void onLogsReady(StringBuilder logs) {


Different Log Levels

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