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Get started with the Woosmap Indoor Search API. Find the Indoor POI you are looking for.

  1. Overview
  2. Suggestions from text matching
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You can query the API using your public or private key depending on where you make the call. Indoor POI will be returned to you as GeoJSON. If your request returns a high number of assets, the result will be paginated. If so, you can request assets by page using page and stores_by_page parameters.

Client-side requests

For client-side request, you can use the key (public key) either using our Woosmap Indoor JS Widget, or a custom client application and passing your key.

Server-side requests

For server-side requests, you can search or filter assets using our API and your private_key.

        curl '{venue_id}/pois/search?private_key={private_key}'


Suggestions from text matching

One of the main parameter is the q parameter that allow you to find a POI from its name. It can be use to build an autocomplete feature and support your Indoor map with a POI locator.


Narrow your search request with additional filters:

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