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Woosmap Recommendation API - Requesting Consent from European Users
  1. What do Woosmap Recommendation API Customers need to do?
  2. Check Consent
  3. Granting Consent
  4. Revoke Consent for your Project

This API has been deprecated and will be terminated on the 31/03/2021.
Need to automate user geolocation? Check out the Geolocation API instead.

Under the Woosmap User Consent Policy, you must disclose certain informations to your users in the European Economic Area (EEA) before obtaining their consent to use cookies and process personal data, to potentially provide them with Woosmap location-based services. This policy reflects the requirements of the EU ePrivacy Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Recommendation API served by Woosmap processes location data, classified as personal data. Therefore, it requires explicit consent from users in the EEA.

What do Woosmap Recommendation API Customers need to do?

To do so, make sure your Terms of Service or Privacy Policy properly communicate to your users about the personal data processing purpose, on your website or app. Woosmap’s Terms of Service provides you with guidance and articles you should mention to inform your users. Do not neglect this step since local jurisdiction can heavily penalize you by enforcing GDPR. We recommend you to ensure your policies are up to date and clear to your readers.

When you initiate a Woosmap Recommendation, you first need to call the setProjectKey('woos-xxx') method. Second, ensure your user has already granted consent by checking the getConsent(callback(consent)) method cf. doc.

If the device displaying your website is unknown to us, or known to us (presence of a Woosmap User Id cookie) but the user has explicitly refused to consent to our services, the woosmapRecommendation method getConsent(callback(consent)) will return false.

woosmapRecommendation.getConsent((consent) => {
    if (consent === false) {
        console.log('User unknown or with consent status as OptOut');

If the device displaying your website is known, and the user is optIn, the woosmapRecommendation method getConsent() will return true.

woosmapRecommendation.getConsent((consent) => {
    if (consent === true) {
        console.log('User Known, optIn already granted');

After the user has accepted your policies, grant consent to Woosmap Recommendation using the optIn() method. We will create a unique user id, woos_uid, stored via cookies, and set the device consent status as opt in.
Without calling this specific method, we could’nt save any user related information (User ID, User Position, Preferred Store) and will not perform any automatic recommendation.

/*before optIn, check if user has accepted your policies.*/

If your user wishes to stop using your services, use the optOut method. His data will no longer be collected by Woosmap on your website.

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