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This API has been deprecated and will be terminated on the 31/03/2021.
Need to automate user geolocation? Check out the Geolocation API instead.


Attracting shoppers to assets and converting the incoming traffic into sales profitably are vital for the health of retailers. The Woosmap Recommendation helps you accelerate the digital journey of your visitors to drive them flawlessly to your checkout - in other words - increase your conversion rate. There are many levers to help trigger this transformation. Here at Woosmap we are focused on geolocation to link your visitors to your products and assets based on their location.

Every customer wants to know where:

The Woosmap Recommendation API helps you solving those questions by automating recommendations based on Woosmap user location profile.

It consists of a REST API ( and a JavaScript API (recommendation.js).

You should only utilize recommendation.js to interact with Woosmap Recommendation. Targeting the REST API without the dedicated API client cancels our provided SLA terms.

To begin with this product you must be a Woosmap user : create an account.

How it Works?

A web user is visiting your site and you want to drive him to the closest store or personalize an offer based on his location profile. Simply call the getUserPosition() method of recommendation.js to get his predicted position.

If the visitor is already known - he has already interacted with Woosmap in your site or from another Woosmap ready web site - you could automatically recommend the best location based on his profile. If he is unknown to the Woosmap mutualised profile database - no cookie has yet been set - the Woosmap Recommendation will return an empty recommendation.


Woosmap User Profile

We build mutualised location profiles to recommend the users’ position. The user profile is built with different types of crowd sourced datas: searches, shipping addresses, billing addresses, consulted POIs, clicked CTAs, beacons locations, trusted IP addresses… In order for Woosmap to determine that two distinct hits belong to the same user, a unique identifier, associated with that particular user, is stored in the browser cookies. Using cookies allows us to identify unique users across browsing sessions.

Woosmap Recommendation business model is based of anonymous mutualization of data from Woosmap customer community. To benefit from the Recommendation, every company that uses the Recommendation API must contribute to populate the user profile. This is how Woosmap can provide such a high quality of data. The data collection methods of recommendation.js accept geographic information as Latitude and Longitude that you can obtain either from an HTML5 Geolocation, lat/lng coordinates of clicked POI, from a geocoded address. For more detail, see Contribution section.

User Privacy and Automatic Recommendation

When you initiate a Woosmap Recommendation, you first need to call the setProjectKey() method. If the device displaying your website is unknown to us, we create a unique user id, woos_uuid, stored via cookies. Without calling this specific method, we will not save any user related information (User ID and Preferred Store) and will not perform any automatic recommendation.

It's our common responsibility (You and Woosmap) to display a cookie consent message and execute Woosmap Recommendation after a user validation. Please check Privacy Requirements for more details.

Get Started

To begin with the Recommendation, you should take a look at the Quickstart topic or go directly try the Use Cases.

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