Traffic API Get Started [Deprecated]

How to compute travel distance and time (including traffic) from origins to destinations.

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Traffic API is deprecated as of March 31, 2023, and will be turned off on September 31, 2023. Use Distance API with proper parameters instead.


The Woosmap Traffic API is a service that provides travel distances and durations with traffic, on a Worldwide scale. Compared to the Woosmap Distance API, this API uses traffic information when returning duration times. Fully integrated to the Woosmap platform, it can be combined with other APIs to build advanced location based scenarios (e.g. ressources / tasks affectation, …).

The Woosmap Traffic API endpoints are:


As for all the other products of the Woosmap Platform, Traffic Distance API is a fully hosted service with first class SLA.

Early Access

Early Access products or features are ready for testing by customers. Publicly announced, Early Access features or products are feature-complete, covered by the Woosmap SLA and technical support, unless otherwise specified in product terms or the terms of a particular Early Access program. Early Access offerings are intended for feedbacks collection and to help Woosmap Teams finely tune product or feature based on those if necessary. The average Early Access stage lasts about six months. In some cases, accessing Early Access features or products may involve contacting our Support to get invitation or feature activation. If prices mentioned, they may be adjusted until the feature or product passes in General Availability stage.

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