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Overview of Google Maps API usage
  1. Presentation
  2. Server side calls (API)
  3. Client side calls (SDK)
  4. Dependent on Google maps Objects
  5. QPS limitations :


Google Maps for Work licence is needed to leverage the use of Woosmap SDK. Woosmap SDK embed it, eases it’s use and takes best advantage of it. This page lists the calls and quotas consumption to expect from these calls to Google Maps APIs.

Two differents calls would be done :

Both calls will consume quotas based on map loads/day.

Server side calls (API)

Google Maps for Work Webservice API is currently used to retrieve a zipcode from a location by reverse geocode the lat/lng. This happens only when you use the woosmap.LocationProvider combined with the woosmap.ZipCodeProvider and HTML5 geolocation. The call is made on our server ( If you bind a woosmap.LocationProvider to a woosmap.ZipCodeProvider and use LocationProvider.askForLocation() with navigator.geolocation it will count as one request over your geocoding quota from Google.

Google Maps API Web Service will not be called beside this use case.

Client side calls (SDK)

Google Maps JS API is used to show maps, search addresses, and compute directions. The Google Maps JS API should be loaded through the Woosmap SDK using woosmap.MapsLoader when needed. 

Map loads are charged for the use of Google Maps API services. Please refer to your Google Maps for Work licence to know your quotas.

Dependent on Google maps Objects

Here is a list of Objects from the Woosmap SDK that needs to use MapsLoader and therefore will use Google Maps API :

If you use any of these objects, the woosmap.MapsLoader.load() will load the Google Maps API and use Google Maps API services.

QPS limitations :

In addition of the requests per day or map loads per year, Google Maps API (JS or WS) presents QPS limitations. Please refer to your Google Maps for Work licence to know QPS limitations.

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