Version rollover and version types
  1. Version rollover and version types
  2. The experimental version
  3. The stable version
  4. The frozen version

The Woosmap Javascript API team regularly updates the API with new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. This page describes the versions of the API that are available for use in your applications, whether in a test or production environment. The API versions have the following names:

We also provide best practices for managing your versioning procedures based on the type or purpose of your application.

Version rollover and version types

Each quarter we cut a new numbered version and release it for public use as the experimental version. At the same time, the previous experimental version becomes the stable version, and the previous stable version becomes the frozen version. This process is called version rollover.

Throughout the quarter we continue to add bug fixes to the experimental and stable versions. These updates are noted in the Woosmap Javascript API release notes.

You can indicate which version of the API to load in your application by specifying it in the Woosmap Javascript API bootstrap request. The following options are supported:

The experimental version

There is no experimental version currently released.

The stable version

We continually apply bug fixes to the stable version, while ensuring the feature set remains stable. The fixes are listed in the release notes.

The current stable version is 1.4. You can request it with either of the following parameter:

WoosmapLoader.load({version: '1.4', publicKey: key, callback: callback})

The frozen version

When we release a new numbered version, we freeze the previous stable version, meaning that we no longer update it with regular bug fixes. However, we may occasionally make changes, for example if there is a legal reason for doing so.

Each time we introduce a new frozen version, we retire the previous frozen version. Specifying a retired version, such as 0.9, will always return the current frozen version : ``.

The current frozen version is ``. You can request it with the following code:

WoosmapLoader.load({version: '', publicKey: key, callback: callback)
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